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Friday, June 01, 2007

Houston, Day 1

Because I'm tired, I give you.....bullet points.

*Am picked up at the airport by mom at 7:45am.

*Straight to the Waffle House for breakfast.

*Home for show and tell. All the new stuff mom's gotten since I was here last and my new shoes.

*Tech support.

*Off to bank, then doctor's appointment. After an hour, we leave the doctor's appointment because the doctor still hadn't made it in yet. This is apparently nothing new. I suggest to mom that she get a new doctor.

*Grocery shopping. I try to encourage mom to make subtle changes in their diet. Natural peanut butter rather than Jif. Pam with olive oil rather than the regular kind (she actually goes for this but cusses me under her breath as she does it). Frozen yogurt rather than ice cream. She's not budging on that one. I point out ingredients and nutritional panels. I feel I've lectured her enough for this shopping trip, so I ease up. But I get organic salsa and soy sausage patties just to spite her.

*Home to unload groceries and grab some lunch.

(No, I have not slept yet.)

*Off to Sears to get a canister vacuum cleaner for their new hardwood floors. They have a Kirby and it's not good for anything but carpet. Sears has the perfect vacuum, but it's more than mom wants to spend. They have a cheap vacuum, but I warn her it's not going to last very long. They have a bagless stick vac, but as I'm removing the dirt container and explaining to her that bagless would not be the best option with her breathing issues, the dirt container pops out and dust and dirt go everywhere. Point made. Thank goodness we were in the vacuum cleaner section - they can clean that right up. They do have one very ugly fluroscent green vac, between the expensive one and the cheap one, but even the two 17 year old sales guys (who have probably never used a vacuum in their lives) can't figure out how to get the main hose out of the carpet head to put on the hardwood attachment. After 10 minutes, and help from another sales lady, they finally get the hose out and smile at me approvingly. I tell them that was way too difficult and there's no way would we want a vacuum like that. Then we leave.

*Best Buy. No canister vacuums. But they have HP printers and mom's current printer is on it's last leg. We buy a new HP printer/copier/scanner. I'm guessing I'll need to get this hooked up before I leave.

*Conns. No canister vacuum. We are bombarded as we are walking in the door by two sales people, one of which continues to follow us as we head straight for the vacuum cleaner section. I look around, ask if they have canister vacs, he says no, I say to mom "Let's go". The very pushy salesman starts to ask question and I get a bit short with him.

"I just got into town from flying all night, I'm very tired, it's hotter than hell here, mom wants a canister vacuum and you don't carry them. What's left to discuss?"

*Home Depot. One canister vacuum. We take it out of the box, it's the closest we've come to perfection, so we buy it. Tim, the extremely helpful, young sales guy makes the experience a pleasant one and mom says he's sweet on me. Yeah, I still got it.

*Home to try out the vacuum. Mom likes it. Dad likes it. I don't like it. There's no hardwood floor attachment, just the big, carpet head. I knew this when we bought it but I was trying to get over my personal preferences. That carpet head is not going to dust the floor, it's only going to suck up the dust bunnies and loose dirt. I know my parents and I know it would drive them nuts to vacuum then see a layer of dust on the floor because the vacuum didn't suck that up. We decide it's going back tomorrow and we'll get the more expensive, perfect one at Sears.

*The pizza arrives. My half is a supreme. I'm giddy.

*Jammie time. Couch time. Quick nap. TV time.

*I try to slip the folks some chocolate frozen yogurt. They're not falling for it. It's a no go. I'll try the Soy Delicious tomorrow night.

*Blog time. It's therapeutic.

Now I need to go to bed as we're heading out for breakfast at the unheard hour of 8am. Then we're returning a vacuum, getting a new vacuum and then heading off to a wedding.

It's still better than work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're trying to make "subtle" changes in your parents diet. I tried that a few emails back and she told me I was being quite the smarty with her. So I stopped. ;>) You guys have fun!

2:31 PM  

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