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Monday, June 04, 2007

Houston, Day 4

Welcome to day four.

This morning, mom and I went to the bank early, to put me on their checking account. No, I don't have access to their money, but will be able to deal with their finances in the event of their concurrent deaths. Don't you love how my mom is such a planner?

Then my godmother came out for lunch. She is the mother of the groom from Saturday's wedding (so I guess he is my godbrother?) so we got to hear the whole back story of the wedding and the stories of karaoke at the reception. And there wasn't even any alcohol!

After she left, mom and I went to Goodwill to drop off some stuff, and guess who I met?! Seneca Wallace's cousin. No shit. We were in line, talking about how we need to wash the stuff we bought in really hot water before I pack it to go home, and the checker asked where home was. I said Seattle.

She said "Oh, my little cousin plays for Seattle."
I asked what team.
She said "Oh, the football team. The Seahawks?"
I said "Huh. What's his name?", figuring it was some third string dude that I've never heard of.
She said "Seneca Wallace."

The hair on the back of my arms stood up. I said "Oh my god, I love him!! He saved our ass last year!" She laughed and said "Yeah, he's a pretty good player."

Then she told us about how she sees him every July, in Dallas, for their family reunion, and how he showed up at their other cousin's graduation last month. And how his mother, her aunt, just died of cancer. We talked for a good ten minutes. As we were leaving, I said "Well, tell Seneca he's awesome and to keep up the good work!" She said she would.

The afternoon seemed kind of boring after that. Mom and I played on the computer and then cooked dinner. And we've just be laying around, loving on the kitty all evening.

Did I tell you they have a cat?

Most of you already know this, since you're family, but for the non-family readers, this is Goober. I'm pretty sure that name is going to give him a complex somewhere down the road. And that's not a scar by his eye - it's gray hair. He has a lot of little gray patches.

Anyway, he showed up at their door a few months ago, all thin and frail. They fed him for a while, thinking he would run off eventually, but he didn't. Mom finally took him to the vet to get his shots and stuff. Now, dad has been adamant about not having a cat. Mom's been begging for years, but dad kept saying no. He didn't want all the hair around, didn't want the responsibility. I guess he was okay with Goober, as long as Goober was outside.

But then one day, mom was in the bedroom watching her soap and dad came walking in with Goober in his arms. Goober now stays inside most of the day. Which is probably best because it's so freakin' hot here. He normally just lays on his chair in the dining room. Or if no one's in the kitchen, he'll find them and then lay right beside them. I layed on the futon in the office with him this evening. He would head butt me then lay up against me. I don't seem to be very allergic to him, at least, I'm not stuffed up or sneezing. But after all the lovin' this evening, I started getting red patches on my face and neck so we had to call it quits. He's quite a sweetie. And now it makes me want a cat even more. Allergies be damned!!

And tomorrow afternoon, I head home. I don't think mom has much planned for tomorrow morning. I joked and said I was going to sleep until noon, then we need to leave for the airport around 2:30 or 3:00, so that doesn't leave her a lot of time to put me work. Oh, I kid. I wouldn't come to visit if I didn't like all the shopping and projects. She keeps saying I need to come home for a couple of weeks so we wouldn't have to cram so much into my visits. I think once they move to West Virginia (when they retire) I'll be more gung ho to visit for longer periods of time. I can only take Texas for so long. And it's now been long enough.

Back to Seattle!


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